English Writing Qualifications Are Proof of Sound Business Language Skills

cropped-ncea-online-headerv2.pngThe First Certificate in English (FCE) course prepares you to undertake exams franchised by the University of Cambridge. The FCE courses are internationally recognized assessments of general English language proficiency at upper-intermediate. If you want to demonstrate the use of every day written and spoken English for work or study purposes, then FCE course is ideal for you. The course comprises of five practical, skills-based papers in reading, writing, use of English (grammar), speaking as well as listening.fce exams

FCE is a suitable course for students who can deal confidently with a range of written and spoken communications. At the end of the course, the FCE students obtain a very good grasp of vocabulary and you will be able to construct a convincing argument. You also develop understanding of changeable degrees of formality and politeness as expressed in language and you will get  business writing training in particular so as to develop your communication skills in a formal register. The main objective of completing the FCE exam preparation course is that you will have the fair possibility of success in the exam and in future studies and employment.

The courses offered by English colleges or Business Acadamies are specifically quite intensive and coupled with a sturdy focus on developing the skills required to successfully complete the FCE exam.

FCE is a useful qualification and is recognized by some employers and universities as proof of your sound intermediate level. If you are working in industries which require use of English, like business or tourism, you are sure to benefit greatly from FCE course. Additional advantages of FCE course:

  • The certificate is valid for the life of the holder, unlike most English tests
  • This qualification is easily recognized by forward thinking companies
  • It focuses on five productive skills; other tests only focus on receptive skills

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